ATF Canada is responsible for providing you with the standard of service outlined in the following Service Guarantee.
ATF Canada will:

  • Maintain a national presence to service your needs across Canada. ATF Canada will therefore maintain both a local and toll free number for support of our valued referral sources wherever they may be located.
  •  Utilize actively practicing, well-credentialed professionals and consultants for all assessments and interventions, and will provide appropriate and up to date curriculum vitae as required.  
  •  Provide clear information about the services being provided and regarding mutual responsibilities on a case by case basis or as otherwise needed.
  • Maintain current and up-to-date knowledge of legislation relevant to the performance of insurance assessments and interventions under the relevant sections of the statutory accident benefits schedule (or otherwise as appropriate).
  • Coordinate advertised services in a timely manner and within legislated timelines (according to the statutory accident benefits schedule or otherwise as appropriate).
  • Provide a two-tiered quality assurance process; 1) to address report consistency and composition, and 2) to address the reasonableness of the report from a medical perspective, and to ensure the report answers the questions for which it was requested.
  • Work closely with our referral sources to develop an individual plan to help you progress and/or otherwise manage your file, and provide ongoing support; whether it is in the form of a phone resource for questions and answer purposes, updates regarding changes in legislation, or other relevant communication.
  • Provide regular follow-up by means of email, or personal contact to address issues concerning quality assurance, timelines, or other metrics. This would include customized quarterly service reports to address these metrics.
  • Provide a competitive schedule of fees, and maintain standardized billing practices within the outlined fee schedule. ATF Canada will maintain an open policy on billing, and will work with our referral sources to provide cost effective products and services.
  • Make every effort to maintain regular office hours and availability of coordinators from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (depending on national location) for live support.

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