Founded in 1997, ATF Canada has grown to become a leader in the provision of ability/ disability/ health management services to insurers, employers, legal representatives, and other private and public organizations and institutions.  With locations, facilities, assessors, specialists, health care resources and partnerships in place from coast to coast and border to border, we are well positioned to address your claims concerns nationwide.  

Within our broad scope of services, ATF Canada focuses on timely, appropriate, and cost effective coordination of specialist assessment services, functional evaluations, disability and ability management interventions, vocational assessment, employability and transferrable skills analyses, complex claims management strategies, case management interventions, occupational therapy services, return to work strategies, future care cost analyses, and related services.  Our goal is to assist our referral partners advance file management, restore claimant/ employee functionality, reduce claims costs and insurance premiums, and generally help to unlock an individual’s ‘ability to function.’ 


ATF Canada is dedicated to assisting our referral partners in advancing file management, restoration of claimant/ employee functionality, reduction of claims costs and insurance premiums, and to help unlock an individual’s ‘Ability to Function.’


ATF Canada will deliver our services in a manner that upholds the integrity and reputation of the service, providers, the reports and recommendations therein, and will provide these products and reports in a manner that is objective, accurate, relevant, clearly composed, and evidence based, and we will encourage feedback without bias!  

Over a Decade of Unlocking Canada's Ability to Function!


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